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Protocultural Taipei - New Causes for the Old

23rd — 31st January 2016 in Taipei

Taipei Contemporary Art Center hosts a Protocultural exhibition from January 23rd to 31st, 2016 at their Baoan Street venue (map). The workshop takes place on January 23rd, 2016 from 2pm to 7pm. (Blog Post) (Facebook Event)


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展覽:2016年1月23日(週六) - 1月31日(週日)
工作坊:2016年1月23日(週六) 下午2-5時
開幕:2016年1月23日(週六) 下午5-7時

「在體質人類學中,原文化指的是人類以外的靈長目之間,代代相傳的行為傳承。這些文化處於初步階段,沒有演示出複雜的文化技藝。」─ 維基百科




新帕米拉計畫是一個線上社群平台暨資料典藏庫,針對受到烽火衝擊的敘利亞帕米拉古城,進行資料的收集、保存、共享,以及創發性的再利用。由一位技術人員兼志工Bassel Khartabil發起,其本人自2012年3月15日至今被滯留於敘利亞,目前情況危急,請上網站 freebassel.org 連署支持。



Exhibition: 23 (Sat.) - 31 Jan(Sun.), 2016
Workshop: 23 Jan (Sat.), 2016 2-5pm
Opening: 23 Jan (Sat.), 2016 5-7pm
Venue: Taipei Contemporary Art Center, No. 11, Lane 49, Baoan Street, Taipei (MRT: Daqiaotou Station)

In physical anthropology, protoculture is the passing of behaviours from one generation to another among non-human primates. These cultures are very rudimentary, and do not exhibit complex cultural technology. — via Wikipedia

Protocultural is a new series of events creating encounters between archaeological exploration, contemporary art and research, and modern digital practices of 3D modeling, visualizations, mapping, and distributed code and data repositories. Protocultural has held events around the world, including in Paris, Dubai, and Hong Kong, gathering the energy and knowledge of software developers, archaeologists, artists, and entrepreneurs; and has helped realize topical cultural projects such as #NEWPALMYRA, an online community platform and data repository dedicated to the capture, preservation, sharing, and creative reuse of data about the ancient city of Palmyra, which is now threatened by modern conflict.

Protocultural Taipei will bring together overseas and local participants to augment foreign and native cultures of the past with technologies of the present and future.

This could be using the 3D models of the #NEWPALMYRA project or other public domain cultural seeds from Taipei.


The #NEWPALMYRA project is an online community platform and data repository dedicated to the capture, preservation, sharing, and creative reuse of data about the ancient city of Palmyra.

#NEWPALMYRA has been started by Bassel Khartabil, a beloved technologist and Internet volunteer detained in Syria since March 15, 2012. He is today in urgent danger, please visit freebassel.org and sign the petition.


Christopher Adams, Maria Juliana Byck, CHANG Li-Ren, Sophie Chiang, Tom Chuang, Fang Yen Hsiang, Oliver Fueckert, Eli Kao, Esther Lu, Jo Ying Peng, Chuan Lun Wu


  1. #NewPalmyra website localization (Traditional Chinese)
  2. #NewPalmyra project documentation exhibition
  3. Interactive installation of Sketchfab 3D models
  4. #NewPalmyra Map Overlay
  5. Arch of Triumph 3D print
  6. Planning session for Yehliu Geopark Queen’s Head project
  7. Taipei local historical mapping exercise

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