Back to the caves to surge forward

Protocultural Dubai

6th / 7th November 2015 in Dubai

Protocultural Dubai gather energies and knowledge from developers, scientists, artists, art geeks and the random curious during two days to support the #NEWPALMYRA project.

It will take place on November 6th and 7th in Dubai at Origin Base (map).

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The 2 days will be dedicated to the exploration and reuse of the available digital and scientific and archaeological archives of the archaeological site of Palmyra : mapping, visualisation, 3D modeling, etc.

All the projects and data will be released under the Creative Commons Zero license, for everyone to visit and use.

The session will end with a pop-up art show featuring different works on #NEWPALMYRA project realized during this 48h. Food and drinks will be offered to the participants to close the event.