Back to the caves to surge forward


April 15, 2016 in Athens

Divination bones, pit and pebble games, carnival sticks fighting or Monopoly : games reveal thoughts, habits and behaviors of our cultures at a given time. Their transformations into digital artefacts, replicable and remixable can provide new forms of sociability and transgenerational interactions.

The Protocultural #ludobox event will provide an opportunity to introduce and discuss different projects and initiatives around ancient and modern games, and their digital forms. Conservation, replication, transformation, reproduction but also social practices, education, we will dig into the past and present of gaming.

The session is hosted by the founders of Ludobox, a library box of free licensed games, toys, manuals, furnitures and essays on game culture, all accessible in digital formats and ready for print - and play.

What ?

  1. A workshop to look anew at existing projects and initiatives, show and discover (un)finished works, share unformed thoughts with new people.
  2. A public pop-up show to discuss all this around a drink of some sort.

Please join us and bring everything you want to show and/or discuss.

## When ?

Friday Apr 15, 2016 (9am to 9pm approx)

Who ?

  • Ludobox, France - A digital toy library : an offline device to share games released under free licenses.
  • Baba residence, Bulgaria - Collecting ancient games from remote villages in Bulgaria.
  • Motus Terrae, Greece - Eleusis Box, an open source game tool kit based on public space, in collaboration with DCalk, at Elefsina.
  • your project ?

### Where ?

In Athens, Greece. The exact location will be published soon.

### How much ?

The whole event is free.