Back to the caves to surge forward


October 30, 2015 in Paris

Protocultural Paris gather energies and knowledge from developers, scientists, artists, art geeks and the random curious during two days to support the #NEWPALMYRA project.

It will take place on October 30th and 31st in Paris at EKLUZ (map).

The 2 days will be dedicated to the exploration and reuse of the available digital and scientific and archaeological archives of the archaeological site of Palmyra : mapping, visualisation, 3D modeling, etc.

All the projects and data will be released under the Creative Commons Zero license, for everyone to visit and use.

The session will end with a pop-up art show featuring different works on #NEWPALMYRA project realized during this 48h. Food and drinks will be offered to the participants to close the event.

2015 October 29,30 in Paris


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  • Yohann is coming from Amiens, France. He took a train this morning to join #NewPalmyra. He is an archeologist, working on 3D restitutions of roman temples. He brings his Oculus Rift and will try to make us visit virtually the Palmyra Theater today. #oculusrift #virtualarcheology — at EKLUZ. github
  • Dino Ahmad Ali @DinoAhmadAli , Syrian isuel artist & graphic designer, friend of Bassel, amde a digital installation
  • Johnny Maroun, Libanese artist who shown his paintings made by weapons impacts on canvas

Press coverage

  • Blender Nation, This weekend: #NEWPALMYRA Hackathon, Paris : http://www.blendernation.com/2015/10/29/this-weekend-newpalmyra-hackathon-paris/
  • Internet and Much More , by @St3phVidal http://internetandmuchmore.com/road-trip-to-newpalmyra/